Hezekiah – No-one Like Him

Hezekiah – No-one Like Him

September 7, 2014
Passage: 2 Kings 18:1-8, Romans 8:28-31
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1. He Was Righteous
He did the right thing in God's eyes
Never place gifting above character

2. He Destroyed All Idols
Removed - taken out the way
Smashed - destroyed and unfixable
Cut down - things that stop us seeing God
Broken into pieces - made unusable

3. He Trusted God
Sought God's help through prayer
Sought God's voice through Isaiah
Refused to be intimidated by the voice of the enemy

4. He Didn't Give Up
Held fast to God
Never stopped following him

5. He Obeyed God
Kept the commandments given by Moses

The Results:
God was with him - Romans 8 v 28-31
He succeeded in everything
He lived in victory (he defeated the Philistines)
He was given an extra 15 years